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MABs: sure, you’ll run into perils

It’s easy to be hilarious about the perils. I mean really, my friends, our bodies, our brains, our sense of humor are just different than they were when we were Bambis…

But no woman got to this age without a well-developed sense of irony if not a curious sense of humor. And here’s the deal: We’re marrying the loves of our lives. We’re marrying someone who likes us exactly as we are now. That’s whom he asked to marry him. Not someone 15 pounds thinner, with less grey and less wrinkles. He loves You and wants to marry You!

Our job through the wedding planning is to make sure he loves the person who’s planning the wedding. Here’s some bad news when we snap and turn into Bridezilla (and sadly, we will) we’re a lot less elastic than we were. It’s a lot further to pleasant from horrendous. So the goal has to be don’t go there. Especially often. Don’t go there often!

If you don’t have a counselor, it’s a great time! Mine inconsiderately broke her leg 6 weeks before my wedding. Compound fractures. Hospital time. So, there I was, without an important part of my support staff. More about how I coped later. But how are you going to cope.

What if, and just imagine this, your wedding planning was a wonderful journey. Making it fun and keeping the passion alive are your right.

I’m entitled to it. You’re entitled to it. And we sure deserve it!

Believing in you and in your love,