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MABs: Being Healthy through the Planning Process

This is important for your spousal unit as well. You’re getting married. This is a wonderful opportunity to get healthy and stay healthy.

Wedding planning is stressful. It’s just not easy. there are a thousand details. I don’t care how good your planning book is: You’re overlooking some. You’re overdoing others. You’re redoing others because, oh, darn, you forgot that you already did that!

The greatest gift you can give your partner is a dedication to a long and healthy life. You don’t need a wedding gift: you’ve already found love and companionship and passion. Why be greedy?

But a wonderful way to accept this abundance is to make yourself healthy. So, throughout the planning process, concentrate on some of these:

Sleeping. If you need help sleeping, this is a good time to get it. You’ll look better, you’ll feel better and you’ll be less likely to be snappy. (I’m sure I was the only bride with that problem!)

Eating. If you want to be losing weight, do it responsibly. Don’t simply forget to eat. Now I never thought that that would happen to me. I’m not necessarily a person who food binges in stress, but I do like my 3 square. But it’s better when you’ve got some protein in you to ground you. And you’ll sleep better.

Exercise. I joined the pool. A wonderful side effect was that I was fitter. But the most important thing was that I was calmer. And I slept better. And I ate better. When I’m exercising, I crave good food. And when I’m exercising it offsets the bad food that I’m using to comfort and calm myself.

Doctors. I caught up with all of my docs. I even got my eyes checked which I seemed to have been putting off for years. And you know what. Whatever stupid fears I had had were completely unfounded. “Buy readers “was the doc’s advice (although the desk clerks tried to scare me into trifocals made out of platinum. I didn’t need them.) I can’t tell you what it meant to me to have my doc tell me before the wedding that my blood work — out of whack since 3 years before when the cancer started — was now, thanks to drugs and hard work on my part, completely normal.

Shrinks. I mentioned that mine broke her leg and was therefore unavailable. But I had her in my head (and on the tablets where I’d written down some particular nuggets of wisdom.) I can’t claim I was always sane, but I did remarkably well.

Beauty. Get a good haircut. Spend the big bucks. Look exactly like yourself — your most fabulous self. Have a massage, have a pedicure. Pamper yourself. Be aware of how precious this time and this sacred celebration really are.

Why not move forward into this glowing with health and vitality?

I’m entitled to it. You’re entitled to it. And we both deserve it.

Because love is lovelier, (and so will you be!)