It started Wednesday. The first friend arrived. We went and picked up food. Thursday, we gathered more friends around us so and the celebrating started. After that the ball just kept rolling downhill gathering momentum, gathering beauty!MABs, I’ve gotta say. It couldn’t be sweeter. What a life we have had! All our amazing friends and their lives, which are tied to ours! Heaven. I felt like a toddler. I kept pointing at things saying this is my favorite thing. No, this is my favorite thing!

Dinner at my sister’s house on Thursday evening. Old Pennsylvania food shared by friends from my year as a high school exchange student, my college years and my life in California.

Then home to greet the two friends who wound up staying with me and making home life comfortable before the wedding.

Then, then, then there was setting up the hall with my friends. 20-30 capable women (and a couple of sweet men) taking charge and creating something fabulous out of an empty room, some colored cloth and paper, and some feathers. Everywhere I looked old friends and new were making connections, making family, making beauty. As I bustled to my next chorelet, I would catch quiet conversations, boisterous laugher and FUN! I was weepy all day.

And then off to hear Steve play. So many of my friends hadn’t met Steve. And seeing him behind the drum stand is definitely the way to do it. We took over that little restaurant and my beloved community took over making one another their own beloved community. Oh, I know you! And so it grew and grew into sweetness!

Girlfriends, we’ve got it all going on! It’s doable. I believe in us. And we sure deserve it!