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MABs: What your Friends Saw

Maybe it would have been different if the wedding had been more formal. But then of course it would not have been MY wedding. Because I’m a lot of things, but formal isn’t one of them for prolonged periods of time. (Relax, you future customers, I can DO formal when it’s called for. Put me next to the Queen, charm school are us. And in that case don’t put me next to the queen because laughter might be us!)

After the wedding the pictures came dribbling in. I have some fabulous pictures of the wedding itself. Great pictures of my parents. Some lovely pictures of my siblings. But the pictures that were great were the ones of the ridiculous drink dispensers I bought that were handled by my college classmates and one of my buds KNEW I would want to see what it looked like when it was in use. It looked fabulous! The tables looked fabulous! And your friends know that you’ll want to know that. You don’t need a great picture, you need an impression… Friends gather impressions!

‘Cause here’s the thing about getting married. All those carefully thought out details? You don’t notice. You’re too busy staring starry eyed into the eyes of your beloved. I was so happy and so proud. I was so grateful someone took a picture of me with each of my parents. I talked to them. Who knew?

I promise, I’ll write more about partners and what it means to have a mature love and wedding to celebrate that. But it means a whole lot when one of your buds, a guy, will schlep all over the city in the midst of his busy day looking for gardenias, when the little town you live in doesn’t have them.

When you’re not 22, you know how to get anything done. And if you don’t, you’ve got a friend who does! And every body thinks its fun! And isn’t that great?

Girlfriends, We’ve got it all going on! It’s doable. It’s fabulous! I believe in us. And we sure deserve it!