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Cha-cha-changes: 2

And then our promises: true, but unexpected in scope — the wedding deepened our ties to one another. It made the commitment visible not only in the eyes of the community but also in our eyes. “Well of course we are going to be together for ever” is somehow different from making oaths in formal language. I believe that solemn oaths resonate at a very primitive level of our being. It’s one of the reasons that divorce is so difficult. Falling out of love is different than getting a divorce. Those oaths dwell at the most visceral level of our being and must be unmade and then transformed.

Steve and I are connected by our promises and by our determination to live into the best of who we both are. (and ok, I still flinch at the world wife… and he loves using it. I still call him my sweet pea, Steve.) We’re here forever.

You can be too! Your love deserves nothing less!

Believing in you and your love,