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Hello, Friends!

Well, i’ve been working hard over at (whew, so many places on the site to keep updating!) and I reached my first goal of 100 articles. You can see them all and any new ones I get up while I’m updating the articles page on the site. I have lots of free content with ideas for making your ceremonies richer, more meaningful and more effective. Many of those articles will give you enough information that you’ll be able to piece together that particular ritual activity. From time to time I will put worksheets or workbooks in the shop so that you have a bit more guidance.

The more you tell me what you want (and the more you comment on what I have), the better this site will serve you.

And that’s what I want. For you to have a perfect wedding ceremony that’s perfect for you — and that gives you a platform for the wedding of your dreams.

You deserve it! And I want to help — and I can.