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MAB: I’ve Been Ignoring You!

Hello, my friends!

Life on the lead up to the wedding ceremony is hectic and stressful. Stop for a quick blessing counting. However annoying it is that we aren’t perfectly svelte (or if we are by some odd chance or huge amount of sweating and lack of eating soothing chocolate pie, our perfectly svelte is perfectly different from just a few years ago — huh, how did they get down there?) or that the patissier refuses to make your mocha peanut butter carrot cake,

there are still a raft of things that are going well.

I find that sitting down with a quick cuppa and making a list of 10 wonderful things for which I am incredibly grateful is really soothing and invigorating. Even if you’re feeling incredibly whiny and can’t figure out why you’re getting married to anyone, let alone the person who forgot to pick up the drycleaning, you’ll find something to be grateful for. No ideas? start with being grateful that the cat didn’t throw up on the carpet today. No cat? well there’s something. Pretty soon you’ll remember that you love your husband-to-be and that pretty soon your favorite people in the whole world will be all around you. How great is that?

Girlfriends, we’ve got it all going on, and we deserve it!