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Streaming Video: Cyber Guests

Dear Brides,

I can’t endorse entirely since I haven’t used it or seen it used. But if I had known they existed, I would have used them! What a great idea this is:

So many of us have people from far away who can’t make it to our wedding and who would love to watch. This is a way for them to be present. It doesn’t solve the interaction thing which is so important in my weddings, but it does allow them to be there.

I solved the interaction piece with a cell phone. But this would have been a much better way for my new daughter to be at our wedding. darn. missed it. maybe we should do it again!

Go ahead and experiment. as long as things don’t get in the way of the wedding ceremony, see how you can bring folks at a distance closer. You’d need a phone card in your computer to make this work at most wedding venues, but it might be worth it!

More great stuff ahead!