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Dove releases are a wonderful addition to your wedding ceremony!

Dear friends,

I just did a wedding ceremony where the bride’s mother had given her daughter a dove release as a present. It was really beautiful. The beauty was augmented by the beauty of the site. The vista was unbelievable. You could see for miles, the weather was a bit capricious and all across this wide valley were thunder showers and sun showers. (Luckily we were in the midst of the sun showers!) But when the doves took off, they took off into fairly constant winds, so you could see them work a bit to move off towards home. Separate then together. It was gorgeous!

You can look for me to do something about a poem or prose for the doves, because what I’ve seen on the net has been pretty ooshy-gooshy, and you know me, I’m  not an ooshy-gooshy kinda wedding priestess!

You’re fabulous. You deserve fabulous symbols to support your wedding vows and your marriage!