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Use Facebook to Connect your Wedding Guests

Facebook and the other social networking sites can help you connect with your wedding guests and help connect them to one another.

Use it beforehand

  • to keep people up-to-date on the progression of your planning.
  • to introduce people to one another
  • to ask for ideas or help on getting things accomplished.
  • to up-date on any last minute changes in plan (or a weather change!)

use it afterwards

  • to keep the community connected
  • to follow up on stories that started at the wedding
  • to tell people how great it all was
  • to let people know about progress on a charitable endeavor if you either requested gifts or gave favors for a charity.

do NOT use it

  • as a thank you note. they need to be snail mail and personal.
  • if many people on your crowd are not the right age demographic to be tuned in. some of your grandparents will be on facebook… many will not!