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Go Somewhere, Do Good, Get Married!

You can build community, change the world and get married in the same weekend. Sound to good to be true? not really! Here’s a new twist on the destination wedding.

What if you and your beloved found a charitable endeavor, a project, that was very close to your heart? What if you then decided to invite your community to participate in a 3-day work weekend (or weeklong project, whichever you decide) which would culminate in your wedding ceremony?

It would take some engineering and the right friends and family. You’d have to grab control of the details and get them worked out ahead of time. But it would be an unbelivable bonding experience which would provide great support for your new marriage. People’s investment in your relationship would be profound. They’d happily, if they could, celebrate your anniversaries with you if you did a project every year. And they’d start inviting their communities. All of a sudden the world gets smaller.

Tip: If you and your beloved are interested in making the planet or your social world a better place, find a specific project and consider building your wedding around the project. It could be something like Habitat or it could be a clean up the river weekend in your own home town. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, it just needs to be something you like doing. Everyone works hard and then takes a shower, dresses up and has a great party and celebrates your wedding. What a good thing!