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Your Wedding Vows: Promise Your Partner Forever

Your wedding vows establish the way you are willing to care tenderly for and live faithfully with your partner.

  • The two of you have established that you will each be the most important person in one another’s life and now you’re ready to make your promises to one another.
  • You are promising that you will make no decisions in your life that do not take your beloved into account. From this day forward, there is no one more important to you than your partner. Remember to say “Thank You” frequently for this gift of love!
  • You are ready to promise that, both on a day-to-day level and a life-long level, you will care tenderly and respectfully for your partner. This means that when you mess up, you will apologize and make amends.
  • You have accepted your partner’s promise to be diligent in the keeping of promises.

Tip: One of the central responsibilities of your wedding vows is to celebrate and acknowledge the wonder of having your beloved in your forever after. Focus part of your wedding vows on honoring, cherishing, respecting and caring tenderly for your partner.