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Your Wedding Vows: Honoring Your Relationship

Your wedding vows establish your marriage as the principal and permanent relationship in your life.
•    When you take an oath that promises a lifetime, those oaths have lifelong implications. Promises are far more difficult to break than today’s divorce laws would have us believe.
•    As you marry you now have to balance being an independent person, a lover and a partner in a working relationship. Other life choices will be filtered through the lens of your wedding vows and your marriage.

Tip: Time to do some dreaming. What will it mean to you to have a partner for the rest of your life. What possibilities do you envision? What richness is there? What bumps as you attempt to bring balance to your mutual independence, your love affair and your partnership?

Now share those dreams.

Now begin to build a dream together. Do this in the middle of your wedding planning and watch how it changes the focus of the planning and the tenor of your wedding! Enjoy!