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Shouting out for (Gay) Marriage Equality

Today begins a series of blogs on the subject of Gay Marriage. You can find a series of articles emerging on my ezine publishing site. While I think it’s time for the word gay to be dropped before marriage, since once you’re in the marriage, it’s all about marriage, in those articles I make a series of suggestions for what to do or keep doing. They include:

  • Encouraging Gay and Lesbian couples to continue hold wedding services.
  • Encouraging their communities to support the couple and to speak out forcefully for marriage equality.
  • Encouraging straight allies to consider forgoing marriage licenses.
  • Encouraging individual religious bodies to consider a moratorium on signing marriage licenses. (Clergy are often in professional danger if they make these choices on their own. So help them and make the hard decisions yourself.)
  • Encouraging us to remember that the Law cannot constrain Love… and should not try.
  • Encouraging (this is me, after all!) the use of wedding ceremonies and wedding vows to build stable relationships in all marriages.

Tip: Remember that the more stable relationships there are in your community, the better your odds for marital success. The more your marriage stands for the stronger it will be. So stand for marriage! And be happy together.