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Call To Support Marriage Equality

Dear Friends,

I know that many of you are as shocked and disappointed as I am by the passage of Prop 8 in California. Whatever happens in the long run (and I continue to believe we’re on the verge of big change), the current reality is grim and hateful. Equality matters.

I’ve been hearing Barack Obama say the answer is “Yes, we can.” So, I started asking myself, “Why the hell aren’t we?” Here’s what I’m proposing as my contribution; I’ll need some help from you.

To catch you up: I have been writing articles for on-line distribution, under the category Relationships:Wedding, where the most commonly read articles are not about something meaningful such as vows or ceremonies. Rather they deal with sweet but superficial issues such as favors, toasts and jewelry for bridesmaids. Close to 7,000 people have read the most-frequently-read article, entitled Wedding Wishes Quotes. I’m taken aback to say that the most frequently republished article is one of mine — on dove releases — republished 11 times.

What I’m thinking: You can change the focus of wedding articles, and help viewers think meaningfully about weddings, simply by clicking on each of the 11 articles on gay marriage that I have posted to Ezine Articles. Let’s make the most republished articles those about gay weddings, including one that says: “Support Gay Marriage, Forego your Wedding License…”

What to Do:

  1. Subscribe to follow my articles at Then when you see a wedding article entitled Gay Wedding anything, click on it.
  2. If you have a blog, please consider republishing: If you’re on the article, click on Ezine Publisher in the upper right and follow directions.
  3. Become a fan on my Facebook page and keep up with new postings and new ideas, from me and others.
  4. I have just become a Philadelphia “examiner” for I will soon have articles on gay weddings and on wedding vows, etc: Look for these at:
  5. Please forward this. You have no idea who might help.

Doing the above will get advertiser and marketing attention. And let’s get other authors writing about gay weddings. Once they realize how active this wedding market is, they can begin shifting their focus. And that’s how we begin to make change happen.