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Your Marriage Covenant: Your Community’s Support

Ok, you’ve picked a symbol for your marriage for the covenant, you’ve written your vows (woot, woot!) you and your celebrant have agreed what language you’re going to use about this sacred relationship (again, I say, marriage!) and now it’s time to enlist your community’s support.

In each of my wedding ceremonies rather than ask the community if anyone objects, I ask them if everyone is willing to support the relationship. Because I think it’s important to make promises out loud, rather than just respond “I do” or “We are” or whatever the appropriate words are, I always ask the community to repeat after me. I almost always use these words:

“Partner & Partner, We are witnesses of your intentions and we pledge you our love and support.”

You might want to say… “we pledge you and your marriage” our love and support to clarify that your community views your relationship as marriage.

Tip: Design a statement of support along with your celebrant. Have your celebrant, or someone else, lead the community in repeating the statement. Then, inscribe those words on the covenant, and leave room for everyone to sign… I must say this is one of those places where I don’t like the sign all over the document, thing, put little lines in to sign just as if it were a legal document, because, surprise, it just might be!