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Parents Helping Pay for Your Wedding? Talk Marriage Goals First

It’s fairly mixed these days as to whether parents are helping to pay for your wedding. In many cases, however, both of sets of parents contribute to the cost of the wedding. This is extraordinarily generous and not a responsibility, so extreme gratitude is your first responsibility!

In all probability they will have an idea what kind of money and planning support they can share with you. The sad reality is that this year that might be greatly diminished given the economy. One way you can thank them for their gift is to let them know about the marriage you are planning, not just the wedding you’re dying to have. Knowing that you have solid marital goals as well as plans for your wedding extravaganza will make them feel even better about your decision to marry and have a wedding. Even more than their financial commitment to your wedding, you want their support of your marriage!

Tip: Before you talk to your parents about wedding planning and their ability to help you financially and emotionally as you plan for your wedding, sit down and plan for your marriage. This is going to focus your wedding planning and help your parents support your wedding with their time, energy and money.