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Wedding Planning: Use This Time to Plan Your Holidays

You’re engaged, you’re getting married and you’re having a wedding. Often it seems like every ounce of interest and strength you have is consumed by the wedding. But while you’re planning a wedding, you also want to be planning your marriage. It’s the first of December, the first day on your Advent Calendar, what used to be the start of the holiday season before Black Friday was invented. Now is the time to consider how you want to spend, not just this holiday, but your new family holidays. It’s easy, particularly as the newly weds, to get sucked into the shuttle between the inlaws holiday planning. And certainly you’ll want to see your families. That’s what holidays are about. But what do you want and like to do during the holidays?

Tip: spend some time together figuring out what your best holiays were. and talk together about what your ideal holidays might be (is a 4 hour drive on Christmas morning really it?). And then begin to plan something that is uniquely yours. Then make it the center of your holiday planning rather than the afterthought!