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Your Holiday Wedding:
Holiday Music – Don’t Overdo

The Holidays are fast approaching and so might be your wedding! I really like the contrasts of this season. Icy cold outside and warm and cozy inside. Dark and gloomy outside, festive lights and candles inside. Oh, and good foods!

Music is one of the really great things at a wedding and a great way for people to have fun. You may want to use some holiday music, or even have a piano bar thing happen at your reception with seasonal songs. But limit the songs when it comes time to dance or even just to listen. The wedding is about your marriage, and marriage isn’t seasonal. (at least not in that way!)

Tip: Make sure that your DJ or Band Leader knows you need a mix of music. I know at least one bandleader who has gotten stuck on holiday and pretty soon you think you’re listening to that musak track. NOT what you want people to say about the wedding! So, salt the music with a good mix and a few fabulous favorite holiday tunes! It’s rare that you go wrong with Elvis!