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Your Holiday Wedding: Still Loving Jinglebells!

What a great job when you get to write about jinglebells! I still love them. And they have a short season, sadly to my way of thinking.

But another way to incorporate Jinglebells into your Holiday wedding is to have your floral designer insert them into your bouquet. In that way as you progress down the aisle you are accompanied by the sweet silver sound of bells.

(if you can, it’s better if you put the bouquet down during the ceremony when you’re not holding it, or if you find you’re really nervous, cause that could drive you crazy!)

Tip: Let the pretty sound of bells add another dimension to your wedding. Add them to your bouquet and let the sound help you remember one of the great secular promises of christmas: reindeer on roofs! Whenever you hear bells after this, it will recall your wedding and how much you loved one another as you made your wedding vows.