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Wedding Planning: Build Holiday Traditions, Welcome Friends and Laugh

I keep saying (and will always keep saying) that part of your wedding planning needs to be marriage planning. i concentrate a lot on what are you going to value in one another and in your marriage. But another question you want to be asking is what are you going to DO in your marriage. who will you spend time with? and what will you do with that time?

I was the single friend of married couples for many years. It’s important to have friends of all stripes. But there’s something to a married couple’s having married friends. Not at the expense of your single friends, because hey, we’re charming interesting and funny! And we have been friends for years. But from time to time you need to reinforce your coupleness. You need to observe other couples in relationship to understand what you do and don’t want to do in your marriage.

Tip: Plan a couples’ party for the holiday. Hang out with people with good relationship juju. Let it rub off on you! (Tomorrow? silly parlor games!)