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Wedding Planning: Practice for “The Kiss”

Yesterday I wrote that part of planning your holidays and creating holiday traditions is a good way to ensure that your relationship solidifies. So here’s the first of your parlor games for your holiday couples’ party: Kissing Games… no not kissing someone else’s partner. Kissing your own. Practicing PDAs!

Set up some categories: movie kiss, shy kiss, wedding kiss, goofy kiss… and here’s an important one: the first kiss. do you remember what that was like? tell the story. Remember. what other kinds of kisses are important to have?

Icky you say? You know, it’s good to practice the romance and to acknowledge that it’s hard work. It’s good to giggle about it, and to giggle about it with other friends. So many people give up kissing when romance deepens to relationship. Kissing becomes prelude rather than a goal in itself. Remember what it was like when you first started kissing. Somehow that degenerates to Quick pecks. nice, but not a meal in themselves! No, long luxurious kisses will go a long way to making life and marriage sweeter!

Tip: call a party of your favorite couples together for a party and parlor games. hold a kissing contest. Figure out prizes. Laugh a lot. Kiss! Laugh some more. Then when your guests go home find ways to add more kissing to your relationship. It’ll do you a world of good!