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Your Wedding Ceremony: Getting Strong, Getting Pampered


As a wedding celebrant I get all kinds of things in the mail both, snail and cyber. Today’s e-mail brought a lovely idea for a before wedding party with your girlfriends (bachlorette without or before the alcohol) or for the morning of your wedding with your attendants.

Consider doing a yoga class or pilates workout to relax and work on your glow for the wedding. (you probably want to do some sort of yoga or exercise on a regular basis, or have someone REEEALy good teaching the class. But think what all those endorphins and oxygen will do for your glow! And how amazing to be relaxed and breathing before your wedding!

So why not take care of yourself before the wedding? And then refreshed, go enjoy your day!


p.s. nothing that says boys can’t glow either! If guys take classes that’s great. They might rather go for a run or a bike ride. (and so might you!) but In with the good air! Out with the bad!