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Wedding Planning: Plan your Holiday Traditions to Enhance Your Marriage

The holidays are rushing at us like a runaway train. yipes! And here you are planning a wedding. It’s tempting to just keep your head down and not pay attention to the holidays.

Tempting, but not all that helpful.

First, the holidays are a bad time to find vendors, because many of them are doing holiday work.

Secondly, this is probably your first holiday period when you’re engaged. You’re not just planning a wedding; you’re planning a marriage. Your marriage, which hopefully will survive the wedding planning, needs the anchors that holiday traditions offer.

Tip: Buy a tree or a menorah. Put a Yule log on the fire. Make some cookies, hang some mistletoe! Make some plans to spend slow and private time together celebrating the holidays. Do it. Start that First Annual Stay In Bed All Day holiday tradition. Or the stopping by your favorite restaurant for a celebration when you’ve finished your shoping. And then do it again next year. See? You’re making marriage!