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Wedding Planning with Warm Glögg

The holidays are here in full force, and there are lots of thorny wedding questions to wrestle with, kissing to be done under mistletoe, and families and friends to visit and celebrate with. All these things will go better with glögg. This recipe is from my friend Lorraine in Kristinehamn, Sweden. It always tasted better in the Santa Clause warmer and cups that she made, but alas, you’ll just have to enjoy it however it makes sense (but fondue pots are good glögg servers!).

Spice Mix
2 cups water
Peel of one orange (calls for Seville-orange peel a dried bitter orange peel)
2 chunks ginger)
2 cinnamon sticks
10-15 cloves
2 tsp cardemom seeds
Mix all the spices and water and bring to a boil.  Simmer then, with lid on the pot,
about 30 min.  Pour it through a sieve.  Ready to use for either a wine glögg or
non-alcohol glögg.

Red wine glögg
1 bottle red wine (75 cl)
½ c sugar
(alcohol or cognac)
Mix your ready spice mix with the wine and sugar.  You can add ½ c alcohol or
cognac to get a stronger glögg.

You can use a non-alcoholic wine + 1 cup apple juice if you don’t want the alcohol.

Tip: Be sensible, and enjoy the holidays!