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Wedding Planning/Marriage Planning: Celebrating Hanukkah!

Adrienne Sasson from Rubinsohn Travel offered the Wedding Priestess  this lovely reminder about Haukkah. Wanted to get you started early so that you didn’t miss the opportunity to participate!

Hanukkah gelt! (WP wants to make sure that she gets some of the Chocolate kind as well!) There is a long tradition of giving Hanukkah Gelt. The gift of money at Hanukkah has been tied to the return to the spiritual tenets of Judaism after the Hellenization of the Jews. Hanukkah comes from the same root word as education. There was a need for Jews to relearn the Torah and the traditions of observance. Maimonedes felt that children would learn more easily with small bribes. In many families gelt is given every night with a larger sum given on the fourth or fifth night.

In many of the families I know, any large gifts of money to children were to be put aside for their college education. The little gifts were for spending.

But another important custom that surrounding the Hanukkah gelt is the setting aside of money for tzadekah (charity). A small box is placed beside the menorah or Chanukkiah. At the end of the week this money is donated for a needy cause. There are no shortages of needy causes this holiday season! You may want to continue the tradition and consider giving the money in support of education.

Tip: Now, don’t eat all the chocolate gelt in one day (don’t!) because you’re going to need it for the dreidel game later this week!