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Wedding Planning, Marriage Planning: Compliment One Another!

You’ve decided to get married, so you already know that you complement one another. Now spell it the other way and take full advantage of the benefits the art of complimenting your beloved can give you.

We don’t, as a species, respond well to criticism. We blossom under compliments, however. If you want to get something done, compliment a person’s strengths and more of them will be forthcoming. Think about it, would you rather be told you’re an idiot, or complimented for the way you handled something?

So, practice your compliments. You’re beautiful, you’re talented, you sure can cook/wash dishes/make my life wonderful. Tell your beloved everyday why you fell in love. It’ll help you remember. Particularly do it when you’re feeling irritated with your darling.

Tip: Keep making the connections with why you love your beloved and celebrate those things every chance you get!