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On the Second Day of Christmas

On the Second Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Two hearts a nestling
and a Day free of expectations.

My friend, Sculptor Lorraine Rantala, who lives and works in Sweden, designed this heart for me when we realized she couldn’t make it to my wedding. She designed a whole bunch of hearts, and I scattered colored xeroxes of them all over the tables at the reception as decoration. They were fabulous. But this is the heart that caught my heart and the one that she chose to immortalize for me in a sculpture. (Sorry, WP doesn’t own a camera… gotta change that this year!)

In my wedding ceremonies, I never espouse the two hearts become one theory… marriage is too hard and too important to sell it with an easy, oh you’re just one person now. Nope! You’re two fabulous individuals who are deliberately sharing a life and creating a shared life that supports your individuality and your marriage. This is hard and sacred work.

Tip: But for today, find a way to spend time with your hearts at rest together. Tell stories of your relationship to one another and to friends. Ask them for stories of theirs. Strengthen your hearts with reminders of your great love affair and the reminders that however particular your love is, there are others involved in the some Great Endeavor. Let your hearts kiss… and you might practice as well. After all you’re going to have to do the big public kiss soon. Might as well get some practice in!

And don’t forget to be surprised to discover the wonder that comes in your second day free of expectations.