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Invitations from on Line:

Wedding Invitations are fun. And people’s reactions to them are funny. For some people they need to be that big, luscious cream envelope. And that’s pretty special. Others will swoon for the handmade, carefully designed personal invitations that Kim Bensing of Heirloom Occasions creates. And they are swoon-worthy.

But here, Wedding Priestess has a confession to make. Neither one of them were going to work for me. I had a potluck wedding for over 300 guests. People were arriving from all over the world to a small town in Pennsylvania. We decided rather quickly to marry and to hold our wedding. I needed a spread sheet. I needed to know if you were coming, what category your food might be in, and whether you needed housing or a hotel. I needed Evite! But I just didn’t know enough about it.

So how frustrated and, yet, vindicated am I to learn all this great stuff about them! Here are some fun statistics and trends about Evite:

  • Evite users sent 60% more wedding invitations over the past 12 months vs. the year before, about 1.2 million vs. 750,000.
  • The total Wedding Category of Evite invitations (includes both invitations for both the wedding day and pre-wedding events) sent in the last 12 months has increased significantly to from 3.0 million to 3.5 million (+17%).  This reflects a proportionate increase in the number of Wedding events planned with Evite.
  • Much of this increase is due to increasing awareness and interest in being environmentally responsible.

Evite currently has eight wedding-specific designs but plan to triple that number over the next couple of months. They will add a series of wedding templates that incorporate the work of celebrity wedding photog Robert Evans who shot the photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s wedding.

Tip: The decisions you need to make about your wedding are what will make it perfect for you, and what will best serve the marriage you’re starting on your wedding day?

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  1. Hey Ann,

    Your wedding was awesome, and I was not in the least bummed to not have a paper invitation. I’d like to give a plug for socialzr here. They seem to have much more than 8 wedding designs, though I can’t speak for future inclusion of stuff from the TomCat photographer. I really have an aversion to evite myself. As wired puts it, “E-Vite is the perfect site if you want to party like it’s 1999, because that’s where their site design has been stuck for the last 10 years.”

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