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Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday – together or separately!

Here are a list of ways you can enjoy the Superbowl whether or not you like football!

There are articles around suggesting you distract your beloved from the game. I don’t know why you would. A partnership is just that. When you marry (prepare to marry) you’re not being joined into one person, no matter what bad wedding ceremonies say. a lot of friends having a good Super-Bowl-kinda time!You’re two people who are negotiating a life and an enterprise of love together. That means you’ll be the same wonderful people you are who are doing the work to create a shared life. If one of the people loves football or even just the Super Bowl, Wedding Priestess offers these options for making the Super Bowl a great day at your house:

  • Join ’em. Make the dips, order the wings, grab the beer and hang out. (You’re pampering here!) Dive into it wholeheartedly. Give the gift of full attention. Yep, for an entire afternoon, let it be about your partner and your partner’s interests. You’ll win points. You can even do prep work and read a bit about each of the teams! An annual afternoon/evening is not a lot to offer the beloved of your dreams. Who knows? If you didn’t like football when you started, you might before it’s over.
  • Parallel play: Make the dips, order the wings, grab the beer and hang out. Knit, needlepoint, read, hang out on facebook, nap, but hang in the same room. Say I love you just by being present.. Look up for the commercials. They’re always worth watching.
  • Do what the articles say: Make the dips, order the wings, grab the beer and hang out. Walk around the house with nothing on but a football jersey or great lingerie. Try to seduce your beloved away from watching the game. Exchanging sexual favors for points has been suggested. Give him/her a fun afternoon but jealously ensure that there’s no point at which the attention is diverted from you. (this is a great tool for relationship building… NOT.)
  • Have a party: Make the dips, order the wings, grab the beer and hang out. (still pampering.) Indulge your inner Event Planner. No one ever needs to know that you don’t like the Super Bowl. See if you really might want to work as a planner or caterer. Make fun food, invite fun people. Have a good time!
  • Go to a Party: (Take the wings!) Now you’ll probably be able to find an ally if you don’t want to watch and even at someone else’s house you can crochet and watch the commercials. Just don’t hold your conversation in front of the TV. They’re busy here. Game’s on.
  • Do something for you: Make the dips, order the wings, stock the fridge with beer and go out. Or stay in. Do something wonderful for you. Meet your buds and do something decadent, or good for you, or simply something you’ve wanted to do for a while. Do something your partner doesn’t really care about and luxuriate in some good old-fashioned time alone which can be hard to come by in a marriage. And then go home unearth the wings that you hid so you could have some and sit down and watch the end of the game with your sweetie beloved. (Put aside a stash big enough to share! You’ll be a hero/sheroe!)

Tip: However you do it, enjoy the game. Just remember this is not a competition. It’s just a game on TV! (the Wedding Priestess says sacreligiously!)

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  1. Ann,
    NOTHING says I love you, as much as “being present”. That was a great quote, and it is such good and timely advice, as Super Bowl is upon us.

    So many women see this as a time to ditch the household, and I see it as a time to show your partner that you love and appreciate his individuality, and his passions. If we all stayed more “present” in our relationships – we would see them so much more clearly, and eliminate at least half of all strife and struggle we so often see.

    Love your site, and your advice! You are doing SUCH a Mitzvah! I’m adding your site to my blog role!

    Cantor Debbi Ballard

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