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10 Ways to find your Wedding Dress – #4

Here’s Tip #4 for choosing the right dress to make you look fabulous!

4.    Wedding Warehouses: If you’ve got ADHD or are a serious extrovert, avoid this sensory overload. Or go with a bevy of friends who will bring dresses to your dressing rooms. Major overstimulation! But a good thing if you don’t know whether you want a sheath or a fluffy tulle skirt! Try on this. Hold this up. What’s the right shape for your shape? Did you want white or ivory or champagne or light pink? What makes your skin sizzle? If you wanted hot pink or dark blue, you’re better off looking at the bridesmaids’ dresses!

Tip: Don’t forget to look in the discount section! Someone might have returned the perfect dress and now it’s sitting there waiting for you at a fraction of the price!