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6 Qualities of Intimacy to Develop To Create a Healthy Relationship BEFORE You Plan Your Wedding

Too many of us get engaged and rush off to plan our weddings without taking the time to nurture and develop the relationship. Develop good habits before you plan your wedding. It will make the wedding planning (and the ceremony, vows and reception) SO much more fun. What are they?

  1. Physical Intimacy
  2. Mental Intimacy
  3. Emotional Intimacy
  4. Spiritual Intimacy
  5. Moral Intimacy
  6. Financial Intimacy

Over the next week, you’ll hear more about each of these as I break out my thinking about each one.

Tip: Spend some time being engaged. Learn how you can best love one another into their best selves and your best relationship. Now that will be a marriage you want to have. And it will create a wedding everyone will thrill to attend!