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Oh, so shaddup about Michelle Obama’s arms!

I needed to take time out for a small rant. Wedding Priestess couldn’t believe her eyes. The other day, I was reading the NY Times Opinion page and there it is, a little blurb: Should Michelle Obama cover her arms? Pardon me? The opinion page of the NY Times should be talking about world news. Instead, they’re making space for a debate about whether this fabulously toned woman, who happens to be married to POTUS, should be exposing her arms to the world.

Are we worried about her offending someone? I noticed when she and Hillary (that would be Madame Secretary) celebrated women of strength, many of whom were in headscarf and long-sleeved clothing, that she was carefully covered. Even if she didn’t have the sense god gave a goose let alone a woman who worked at the levels she has worked for so many years (not to mention her upbringing) I’m thinking that Madame Secretary from over at State could give her a call (Hey Meesh, this is Hil, don’t forget to wrap those rascally arms this afternoon. Smoochies!) So, I don’t think it’s that.

Do we think she’s not demure? Most of what we’ve seen her in has been very, WP is amazed and somewhat aghast to hear these words cross my lips, lady-like. So what’s the problem?

I think it’s what those arms represent. Power. A strong, beautiful, confident woman. Scary. Let’s not even worry about the race issue, because that’s surely running around in there too. (Why, WP, how could you even think such a thing?) There’s plenty on the plate with a woman of power. She’s warm, she’s welcoming, she’s smart and oh BTW there’s just something about her that says: Don’t mess with me.

I like to think of her at the dinner table with POTUS, propping her chin on her hand and saying: Why do you think that? He’d have to be transfixed and taken aback. And that’s a great thing for any man, and particularly for the leader of the free world.

As a woman 15 years her senior, I’m thrilled to see her strong, confident beauty. We’ve come a long way baby! Sojourner Truth asked, flexing her arm, “Ain’t I a woman?” Yes, you were! Yes, she is! Healthy, beautiful and competent. Now that’s a woman.

So, count me as a no vote for the poll on arm covering. Stay strong, Michelle, your beauty and strength are a pretty great antidote to pictures of Rhiannon’s battered face and exposed breasts. Your pics are almost enough to make WP think about arm curls. … OK, over that, whew! …  Go, Michelle, Go!

Tip: And boys, go back to worrying about fixing up the economy rather than the fact that Mom-in-Chief can do more reps than you can. Sleeves aren’t going to fix either of those problems.

Vogue lets us know that she has it all going on! And good for her!

4 thoughts on “Oh, so shaddup about Michelle Obama’s arms!

  1. Ann is a brilliant thinker, I love reading her comments.

  2. Good point, WP. I like that last point especially.

    Is that really the FLOTUS in the lush tango dress?

  3. Flaunt ’em baby!

  4. Wow, what a Great photo above with the blue ruffles/wrap, and that just shows the shoulders— I love collar bones myself and think that our new first lady could probably pull off a sleeveless burlap sack. . . .hey, if you have got it like that girl, more power to ya!! Martina Navratalova could be our sec’t. of something or one of the Williams sisters and then see who has the nerve to question
    the fashion sense of gals who could arm wrestle Swarzenneger for political office. . ..
    Be afraid boyz, we are starting to kick butt and smile sweetly while we flex our biceps/muscle.:^)
    I wonder if Barack stops by the mirror before he heads to the oval office and says, Honey? Does my butt look to big in these slacks?? I don’t know if I can run the country today!!

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