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What is ritual and why does it matter to you?

Ritual is “time outside of time” to focus on an important life transition. There is no multi-tasking during ritual, there is only an intense focus on this important movement from engaged to married. At the beginning of the ceremony, you are not married, at the end of the ceremony you are. You want to create a sacred time and place so that this important decision can be supported and celebrated. A good celebrant can help you here, but you need to be clear that your wedding ceremony is a sacred time in which you and your partner will exchange promises that will change your lives forever.

What makes ritual sacred time (and NO, brushing your teeth isn’t a ritual, it’s an activity!)? It’s a series of activities that take place when people are paying attention only to that thing. All other things in the world cease to exist in this moment. You enter in one form and exit changed forever (and this isn’t just you, the community is transformed as well):

Tip: A good celebrant can help you here. Or go buy my book: Promises to Keep: Crafting Your Wedding Ceremony