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Keep the Focus of your Ceremony on your Marriage

Keep the focus on entwining your hearts and lives. Here’s an odd truth: whether or not you spend the rest of your life with this person, there will be tendrils around your heart forever. The things you do together will shape and strengthen you. Do the work to get it right. Then, let your party flow from the ceremony. It will make it even more joyous! Why is your relationship worth a lifetime?

If you’re interested in doing this, here are some things to include in the ceremony. Tell us:

  • What is it about your partner that makes him or her the perfect partner for you?
  • What are the values that you share and want to grow in your time together?
  • What common dreams do you have that you’re looking to live into?
  • What things do you understand are important enough about which to make lifetime promises?
  • What are the things that brought you here?
  • What will take you forward into a happy and healthy marriage?

Tip: Answering these questions today, figuring out how you want to include them in your wedding day, will make the wedding fabulous and your marriage successful. (Oh, and if you want this to be a legal union, call the courthouse and find out what you need to do. And then do it!)