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Slow down and reap the benefits at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is one of your best chances to create the marriage that you want. Are you willing to sit down and do the work to create a ceremony that will flow into the celebration you’re longing for and will layout your blueprint for your successful life?

So many people think wedding ceremonies are simply wild celebrations of a moment in time. And you can use them that way, but why waste the energy and the opportunity? Your wedding ceremony offers you a perhaps once in a lifetime chance to take stock of the past, revel in the present and look forward to the future.

If you create ritual time to look back and to look forward, people will listen. And it needs to be ritual time. You can’t do this at dinner. You won’t take it seriously and they won’t take it seriously. (How many announcements have you made at dinner that have been met with “that’s nice, dear?”) It is very easy to blast past this at your wedding. You want to have a great party. The wedding business is geared to help you do that.

But more than you want a great wedding, you want your marriage to succeed. That means that you want to take the time to examine:

  • How you got here? What’s the story of your romance? When did you know and what makes this person right for happily ever after?
  • Where here is, exactly? This can be as simple a statement as “standing here with the person with whom I am committed to journey with through life, in the midst of my friends in the heart of (the forest, the city, the small town) that I love so well.” Talk about the important elements being incorporated into your marriage.
  • Where are you going? What are your intentions for this marriage? You can do this during your wedding vows, but fundamentally, this is an opportunity for each of you to acknowledge the life you envision and hope for.

Tip: A public wedding ceremony is your opportunity to say to your entire community what is important to you and what you intend to do with the rest of your life. If you are open and honest during the ceremony, your community’s support will be overwhelming. People want you to have what you want. But you need to tell them what that is, or they’ll be hoping for the wrong things for you.