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One of 1-10 The work of wedding vows

As part of an article I was writing for Ezine Articles recently, I realized that I believe that your wedding vows have at least ten jobs that they can do for you. Their work starts as you begin to shape them, is highlighted at your wedding ceremony and continues through your marriage. (If you decide to stay constant, that is!) And this vow is a promise that you will do just that!

Task Number One: Your vows signal to yourself, to your partner and to your community that your deepest desire and highest intention is to join your life and your heart to your beloved. You are no longer interested in being only an individual. You wish your life to grow with and into the life of this beloved partner.

Tip: This work requires some rather delicate balance. Because a good marriage really is about balancing the growth of the individual with the growth of the marriage. Before you get in the marriage car, you need to know that forever is your destination. It’s hard enough to have a successful marriage. Without an explicit acknowledgement of this goal — and its fundamental importance in each of your lives — you’re far less likely to get to where you want to go. What’s the baseball quote by someone famous whose name The Wedding Priestess can’t remember: If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re likely to get there!