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Two of 1-10: The Work of Wedding Vows

What’s the second premise of working wedding vows?

That your marriage will be based on the values the two of you share and will honor in your daily life and your long-term goals.

The more time you spend focusing on what is good and strong about your marriage, the more successful it will be. All those years of psychotherapy, and they’re finding we’d be better off looking at the bright side of life, just as the song says. “why can’t the whole world just get along?” But you and your beloved if you’re like most couples came together because you agree on some fairly fundamental things about life.

Darling Drummer and I? We’re pretty big on peace. Our approaches are different, but it is really fundamental to how we view life. (not yet how we view relationship :-D… but we’re working on it!) Neither one of us could have contemplated marriage if that weren’t a fundamental value in our partner. We are dedicated to the having of a spiritual path. same thing. We’re both passionate about our art. What is it for you? Is it kindness? Is it family? Is it the Earth? Knowing that, building on that will keep you interested in one another and growing together. Well, that makes marriage lovely, don’t you think?

Tip: Spend some time talking about what you want to achieve with your marriage and your individual lives and how you might do that.