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Three in 1-10: The Work of Wedding Vows

So, what else are you saying about your wedding vows?

How about this: That your long-term goals for this marriage are deserving of the work needed to achieve them. There is no sense in making promises if you aren’t intending to keep them. Forever. You are promising to be responsible to and for these promises.

Our integrity is the most central thing to who we are. We want to be, need to be known for both being exactly who we are and for keeping our word. Someone suggested not long ago that not everyone is cut out for monogamy. That’s fine. But he or she should not be making promises about monogamy if they can’t keep those promises. But I’ll lose my beloved if I don’t make those promises. Yep. You will. You’ll lose him or her even more horribly if you cheat. Which is to say, cheat on your partner and cheat on your promises.

Tip: You want to craft promises that you will keep. And when you find yourself infringing on their integrity, you will stop and correct your course. It’s a great thing to be known as a person who keeps his/her word. It’s an even better thing to be that person!

1 thought on “Three in 1-10: The Work of Wedding Vows

  1. Ann: Nice short article. I tend to think I have to write 500-600 words. Maybe I’d be able to write more if I could condense them a bit. Keep up the fantastic and prolific work!
    One goal I have is to get on the list of top 10 writers for wedding vows. That is definitely doable with this challenge.

    Linda, The Wedding Vow Coach

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