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Five of 1-10: The Work of Wedding Vows

Here is yet another task that your wedding vows do for you. So you might as well structure them right from the get-go. It’s not that you’re not going to make changes and adjustments to the way you live and grow together, but it’s so much easier to make adjustments than blueprints — especially years into the project!

Here’s the truth

That the projects you undertake and the family you may have will develop within the context of this intentional relationship. Your marriage is the garden in which children and ideas will grow. You want to keep tending the garden so that the soil is fertile. You want to keep love alive.

Tip: before you dash off your vows filled with flowery phrases and unrealistic hopes, spend some time figuring out, together, what you want and how you might develop that. One of the things we forget to take into account as we’re building our strengths and areas needing support is that our partners will have very good ideas about our strengths. They sometimes notice things about us that we don’t!