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Six of 1-10 The Work of Wedding Vows

The second five in the listing of the kinds of work your wedding vows do concern the making and keeping of promises:

In Number Six, you are agreeing that your integrity lies in your keeping of your word. You are promising to be responsible to and for those promises. You are saying that you will be happy in the compromises and commitments that marriage demands.

A big part of the social revolution of the 60s was against the overly rigid obligations under which many people lived. But as always with a revolution, things aren’t targeted toward reason, they’re pushing for freedom. So, it’s not so much that people don’t have integrity, it’s that it isn’t a driving force in the life of many people.

Tip: Marriage needs wholehearted commitment. Marriage needs people who take pride in the giving and keeping of their word. The thing about marriage vows is that they’re not imposed from without, they’re offered from your heart. They are designed by you to be the kind of promises you can make. And the kind of promises you can keep. Do this with a sense of honor and great joy.