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Seven of 1-10: The Work of Wedding Vows

It’s important to remember in the making of wedding vows that your integrity and that of your beloved are sacred. This is something you may feel on your wedding day as you stand there with your beloved before your gathered community. It’s something that you need to keep your focus on as you live through your marriage. You’ll not only have a happier and more successful marriage, you’ll be a happier and more successful human being.

It actually is unhealthy to live out of balance with your word and your intentions. We do better as humans when we live in accordance with what we have promised. It is in our integrity that we recognize the divine or the sacred in ourselves and in one another.

Tip: Our humanity is in our word and in our being who we are at the core of ourselves. This is why it’s really important to make promises that fit us rather than canned promises. We are going to need to live into these promises. They should be tailored to who we are and what we can accomplish, so that we can honor ourselves as we make our dreams come true.

Will we struggle with our vows? Of course! But the more closely our vows resemble our values and our skills, the less that will happen. But we work to correct and strengthen our vows because we wish to be the kind of people who stay connected to our integrity (and to our promises… and to our partners!)