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Eight of 1-10: The Work of Wedding Vows

It may be that one of the most important pieces of being human is the ability to make and keep promises. (Breaking them? Not so much!) I feel as if this isn’t really explored in our world today. There’s been so much emphasis on how we get ahead recently, that there’s less attention paid to being true to who you are. Well here we are. the getting ahead thing didn’t work out so very well for the economy or even the individuals involved!

I don’t mean to say that people haven’t been keeping wedding vows. Many do. (Although there are disturbing new stats that say somewhere north of 20 percent of couples are unfaithful in the first year of marriage.) It’s just I don’t know that the importance of this is emphasized. I don’t know if people understand how much it matters to each individual to be a keeper of promises!

Today’s message about the work of vows (or the work IN vows) is that you will police your keeping and breaking of those vows. There are personal and familial consequences to not keeping your word. Your marriage suffers when this happens and your sense of self is eroded. You could easily make this simply a legal issue, but what’s real here is paying attention to the spirit of the vows.

Tip: If your wedding vows are rules for living that you and your partner have constructed and agreed to, then you want to be the person reflecting on whether you are keeping them. Marriage isn’t a police state, it’s a covenant.
Are you living into yours? Are you altering behaviors when you notice that you’re not? They’re your vows, are you going to honor them?