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What you want from a Metaphor: #2

For metaphors to work well, they need to have reference to our lives. Once we’ve set them up, the more reminders we have of them, the stronger the connections they’ll make for us.

2.    The image should be pertinent to where you are.

If you’re starting out your life on the prairie, don’t choose the ocean as your metaphor. The prairie offers plenty of wide expanses for exploring! Do you live in a city, where life is vibrant, pulsing and exciting. Or in a forest where life is stately and slow?

Tip: think about those things that are essential in your relationship. Then look for a metaphor that speaks to that characteristic. Then, once you’ve found a way to use it in your wedding ceremony, start bringing it into your daily life. If your life is expansive as the prairie is expansive, start taking a daily walk in the prairie. Now you’re not only spending time together, you’re walking that metaphor into your heart and marriage.