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What do you want from a Metaphor: #5

What else is going to make a metaphor able to support you as time goes on?

5.    The image should be comfortable.

You want an image that will settle into your hearts and psyches and provide an a continual glow to renew your connection with your wedding day.

Metaphors that work are simple, attractive and don’t unsettle you. They should invite you. If your love is like a warm blanket, then every time you and your beloved get into bed and pull a particular blanket up over you, perhaps a coverlet you received as part of your wedding gifts, you’re reinforcing the image you generated at your wedding. All of the blessings of the marriage bed are in that simple action of pulling up the covers.

Tip: Find an image to use that will serve you into the life of your marriage. Choose a metaphor that will become more rather than less comfortable. Something that will wear in, rather than out, as it gets more use.