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Build Community Support at Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is a celebration of your marriage. It’s also a grand time to work the crowd to thank people for attending and to raise support for this remarkable endeavor on which you’ve embarked!

This is an opportunity for your community to see you in action together. You can, if you want choose to offer them the vision of the two of you getting drunk and tearing up the dance floor. That will teach them something about you. But it’s probably not what you wanted taught!

You want to use your reception as an opportunity to let people see how much fun you have together, how much you respect one another, how tender you are with each other.

Tip: Ask dear friends to offer toasts for your future. Let their love shine through and know that their statements of support will help the rest of your community understand their commitment (to your commitment!). Their examples will be contagious.

Visit tables, spend time with people other than the friends you see every day. Yep, talk to the grandparents. Reinstate the receiving line. Let people know how happy you are they are with you. Your being present to your community at your wedding is going to deliver the kind of support you want to have on your wedding day and throughout your marriage.