Hello, my dears!

I’m just finishing up a year of reaching goals and deadlines. It’s pretty wonderful to realize that I’ve written 500 articles this year and learned so much about what I believe about weddings. Look for things to change up a little bit around here.

Wanted to remind you that one of the important things about your rush to the wedding is to stop and take stock occasionally. Where are you? Are you keeping your budget? Have you started work on your ceremony? What are you going to do with your hair? Do you have shoes yet?

But you also want to stop and celebrate. Make a list of everything you’ve accomplished. Raise your glasses. Go on a date! Then go back to work fueled by the knowledge that you’re a couple that gets things done!

Tip: Keep checking in on your progress. Not just to see if you’re moving along smartly toward your appointed goals, but also to celebrate the progress you’re making. You’re in love. It’s grand. And now you’re getting married!

I’m over here believing in you and in your love! Ann