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10 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Ceremony: #1. The Invitation

A good introduction and a warm invitation to your ceremony will set people up for what’s going to happen. If there are ritual activities that are not familiar to everyone, this is the place to prepare the community for what’s coming next.

I emphasize 3 different areas:

  1. The Welcome – Glad to have them
  2. The Purpose – What are your trying to accomplish today?
  3. The Explanations: Are you using traditions or activities that will not be familiar to everyone?

Tip: Look at each of these areas and determine what you want to say. Setting up the ceremony so that people know what to expect and what will be expected of them is very important. That way they can relax because there’s nothing unknown going to happen (or if there is, you’ve just assured them they’re going to be told about it and have important points explained to them by the celebrant!). They can also be excited, because you’ve given them an inkling of what to expect.