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10 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Ceremony: #1c The Welcome

After you’ve thanked your guests for their attendance, and asked your guests to settle into their seats for a bit, you let them know what your wedding ceremony was expected to accomplish. These are two important facets of the Invitation. The third one is equally crucial:

  • The Traditions: if you and your partner are incorporating traditions from your family heritage, your ethnic background, or your current life let people know. If there are things that your guests will encounter that they will find unusual, it’s a good thing to clarify that for them. This builds some anticipation and does not leave them wondering, a bit later in the ceremony, what will happen next. That’s a good thing!

Tip: Keeping people informed about what’s going to happen is going to allow them to be more engaged and make them better able to support your marriage. And that’s what you want!