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Occasional Whimsey: Wedding Priestess Gets Wacky!

Remember I said I felt as if I’d lost my whimsey. Well, I think these pants will speak to my hard-core, rediscovered whimsical diva. Saturday evening, I attacked a piece of fabric. these pants were the results. I was worried originally about length… I was wrong! TONIGHT’S pants won’t have that problem (hopefully) but they’ll be far more demure! (“exactly like the Wedding Priestess,” she says, coyly!)

Luckily, no seamstress can see closely enough to see the oopsies! It makes a nice break from article writing. My girlfriend Jeanie who took these photos, said, didn’t you make a top from that fabric. 1) I promise never to wearthem together. 2) not everyone is as observant as she is. 2) just think of me as your own individual von trapp family raiding the curtains. (and who coulda lived with these curtains!)

Tip: Always have a good time, except when you can’t!

Dee n me in front of Jean Weston's Fabulous Quilt (we're going to raffle it off!)

Ann n Dee in front of Jean Weston’s Fabulous Quilt. We’ll be raffling that off!